What is Citizenship By Investment & Different Citizenship programs?

Citizenship By Investment program provides an individual the right to be fully involved in the affairs of the state. However, Such activities include voting and owning properties and so much more. The person who is recognized by the law as a citizen of a particular nation-state has the duty of abiding with the rules and regulations of that state.

Why Will I Consider Second Citizenship Programs?

Citizenship By Investment Programs – Our Second citizenship program comes to play when one seeks to be a citizen of another country, nation, or state. Similarly, That country will become a new home country for the person. In addition, One invests due to some engagements or attachments such as business, travel, marriage, education or the person may wish to be a legal member of that country. Therefore, These reasons make up the importance of the second citizenship program.

Security and Happiness

When you have an investment in one country and your family is in another you will find out that you feel a little unsecured. Although, This is because you might have to travel from time to time to check on your family and spend some time with them. Sometimes you have to rush back to business to avoid anything going wrong. Also, you might not really be happy because your role in the family is being missed. But with a second citizen program, this issue will be well taken care of. This is because your family can freely come to live with you in the new country of your investment.

Easy Travel Being Citizenship By Investment

Above all, Every passport you hold has a couple of visa-free country list. This means you can actually travel to those countries without a visa. For example, an American citizen can travel to Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Italy, and a host of other countries. The individual can visit these locations without a visa. This is because he/she has an American passport. The second citizenship program allows individuals to visit even more countries with ease without requesting a visa.

Financial Flexibility

The second citizenship program helps you with financial flexibility. This is important for international business competition. As a citizen of a country, accessing loans and grants from the government becomes easier. The same goes for financial institutions. You can legally move your money about with ease.

Citizenship by Investment Program comes in the next means of going about the second citizenship program. Aside from marriage and naturalization. Nevertheless, acquiring citizenship by investment takes a process which includes:

A Clear Criminal Record

Foreign national seeking citizenship by investment is required to have a clean criminal record. This will show that he does not seek second citizenship because of dubious reasons. This document is usually certified by the state security agency.

It Requires Investment

Investment worth a certain minimum amount or more is required by the host country. This is before citizen by investment is considered. The minimum amount is determined by the host country and it varies from one country to another.

It Requires a Proof of Lawful Funding and Active Participation

The host county demands that the means of funding the investment will be legal and proven to be so. Also that the foreign national who seeks second citizenship will be an active member of his investment. To this effect, the investor has good knowledge about the investment.

Citizenship by investment may be seen as security to acquiring second citizenship. It is quite beneficial, effective, and easy. However, requirements and processes totally depend on the host country. The processes differ from one country to another.

Top Citizenship By Investment Programs Get Your Second Passport 2020

One can become a citizen of another country through investment. There are various ways by which one can become a citizen of a country. On a normal base, one becomes a citizen of a country through, birth, parents. Also, citizenship can be obtained through marriage to a citizen or naturalization. Second Citizenship by investment is relatively a new way of becoming a citizen of a country. Citizenship by investment refers to the process by which one can become a citizen of another country by having a substantial investment in that country. Citizenship by investment is the latest buzz in the world of international business currently. Most countries try to gain high profile investment in their country. This they try to achieve by offering citizenship to willing investors. Some countries that are practicing citizenship by investment includes:

World’s Overlooked Countries for Citizenship By Investment

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia established their citizenship by investment program in 2015. Also, To become a citizen of Saint Lucia, you can either make a donation of USD 100,000 or buy real estate with a minimum value of USD 300,000.


Cypriot government has started several policies to boost investment in the country. One of these policies is the citizenship by investment program. To become a citizen of Cyprus, you need to invest in different ways. You can either invest 2 million Euros in residential real estate plus a donation of 150,000 Euros or Invest 2.5 million Euros in commercial real estate plus a donation of 150,000 Euros.


Basically, The Commonwealth of Dominican is the best citizenship by investment program in terms of benefits. Similarly, Dominica is offering two different options to get citizenship. One requires a Government donation of 100,000 USD for the single applicant. In the second option, you can get a passport for your entire family with re-fundable investment in real estate i.e. 220,000 USD. To add to the list, the taxes in Dominica are relatively next to nothing. The great aspect of becoming a citizen of Dominica by investment is a less stressful Processing process. No language barrier, no stressful interviews. One can get a Dominican passport while sitting in their country as no physical residency needs.

Antigua and Barbuda

In 2014, Antigua and Barbuda established the citizen by investment program. You can become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda by making a making donation of $100,000. You can also make an investment in the real estate industry. Your investment in the real estate industry should be nothing less than a $200,000 investment. The real estate investment should be part of the government-approved real estate development projects. Also, you can also become a citizen by investing a minimum of $1,500,000 directly to an eligible business.

Investments Options For Citizenship By Investment

Contribution and Donation

To be a citizen of a country by investment, most countries offer you the option of investing in a government bond for a certain period of time. In the donation option, most countries ask you to make a non-refundable (donation) to the economy of the country. The number of Family members who becomes a citizen of such a country varies. for Example in Dominica single applicant can get a Passport by donating to the government and if the Main applicant wants to add more people then he/she need to pay an extra certain amount.

Real Estate Investment

Above all, Most countries offering citizenship or residency by investing in real estate.  Therefore, They require individuals to invest physically in their country with a certain minimum amount, which varies from country to country. You have to make an investment and hold it for several years like 5 years depending on the country’s policy.

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